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Per condividere l'intera cassetta postale di un utente tramite CML:
Colleghiamoci alla nostra Zimbra via SSH.

#su - zimbra

$zmmailbox -z -m mfg / account rwixd
$zmmailbox -z -m cm /NOME_Cartella /

= il nome che viene visualizzato nella WebMail per quella condivisione.

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1) Mounting (createMountPoint)

Folder mount points for shared folders can be created on the command line to be accessed in the web interface. Currently, the mount points are not downloaded by the ZCO or iSync connectors and therefore must be designated manually in your 3rd party mail client, i.e., Outlook. They will show up as folders you can subscribe to in IMAP clients once you mount.

zmmailbox -z -m cm --view appointment -F# /sharedcal /Calendar


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