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Users trying to change their password and webmail URL redirects to mailbox server on port 8443


This type of problem occurs where public service hostname, protocol and port values are not configured.

To fix this problem we have to set zimbraPublicServiceHostnamezimbraPublicServiceProtocol, and zimbraPublicServicePort on Domain or Global level configuration.

Steps for Global Level Config

su - zimbra 
zmprov mcf zimbraPublicServiceHostname MAIL.DOMAIN.COM
zmprov mcf zimbraPublicServiceProtocol https
zmprov mcf zimbraPublicServicePort 443
zmcontrol restart

Steps for Domain Level Config

su - zimbra 
zmprov md DOMAIN.COM zimbraPublicServiceHostname MAIL.DOMAIN.COM
zmprov md DOMAIN.COM zimbraPublicServiceProtocol https
zmprov md DOMAIN.COM zimbraPublicServicePort 443
zmcontrol restart

Note: Replace DOMAIN.COM and MAIL.DOMAIN.COM with the actual value according to your environment.

Above configuration also required for sharing where zimbra-proxy is configured.

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