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Attivazione dell'autenticazione SMTP per la spedizione del server Zimbra dalla 8.5 in poi.

Setting a relay host

zmprov ms zimbraMtaRelayHost

Enabling SMTP authenticatio

zmprov ms <server> zimbraMtaSmtpSaslPasswordMaps lmdb:/opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password
echo username:password > /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password

postmap /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password

To test that the lookup table is correct, the following should return username:password:

postmap -q /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password
zmprov ms <server> zimbraMtaSmtpSaslAuthEnable yes
zmproc ms <server> zimbraMtaSmtpCnameOverridesServername no
Enable TLS

As Zimbra user:

postconf -e smtp_tls_security_level=may
zmprov ms <server> zimbraMtaSmtpTlsSecurityLevel may

After sending a test message, check the Log Files for the error:

(Authentication failed: cannot SASL authenticate to server ...: no mechanism available)
zmprov ms <server> zimbraMtaSmtpSaslSecurityOptions noanonymous


echo "$RELAYHOST $USER:$PASSWORD" > /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password

zmprov ms $ZIMBRAHOST zimbraMtaRelayHost $RELAYHOST

postmap lmdb:/opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password

zmprov ms $ZIMBRAHOST zimbraMtaSmtpSaslPasswordMaps lmdb:/opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password
zmprov ms $ZIMBRAHOST zimbraMtaSmtpSaslAuthEnable yes
zmprov ms$ZIMBRAHOST zimbraMtaSmtpCnameOverridesServername no
zmprov ms $ZIMBRAHOST zimbraMtaSmtpSaslSecurityOptions noanonymous

zmcontrol restart

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