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Prima di chiudere il template, va' abilitato e fatto il primo accesso CON PASSWORD e utente administrator locale. Inoltre va creato un file .cmd che durante il sysprep abilita l'admin locale e disabilitato un task che gira nella prima ora "di vita" di win 8.1:

Local administrator account is disabled after deploying a 64-bit Windows 7/8/8.1 virtual machine

To resolve this issue, select one of these resolutions:

Create a SetupComplete.cmd file:

Create a directory named:


In this directory, create a file named SetupComplete.cmd in a text editor, and enter this line in the file:

net user administrator /active:yes

Save and close the file.

Note: Ensure that the file does not have any hidden extensions (for example, SetupComplete.cmd.txt).

Windows 8.1 AppX cleanup maintenance task can affect Sysprep

After installing Windows 8.1 a built-in maintenance task, Pre-Staged App Cleanup, will run after 60 minutes of machine use, followed by 15 minutes of machine idle time. If Sysprep is run following completion of this maintenance task, it will generate warnings in the setupact.log for Sysprep. If this image is then captured and deployed, the end-user experience may be adversely affected. Specifically resource packs based on Language, Scale and DXFL which were not installed for the current user accounts will be deleted. If this image is deployed to a machine where those resource packages are applicable, they must be installed as an update via the Store or through an enterprise side-loading mechanism.

WORKAROUND: There are two options to mitigate this issue. First, ensure that Sysprep is run within 75 minutes of completing the installation of Windows 8.1. Second, if you cannot ensure that Sysprep will run within 75 minutes of completing the installation of Windows 8.1, disable the maintenance task.
To automatically disable the maintenance task as part of the MDT build and capture task sequence, immediately following the Gather local only step in the State Restore group insert a new Run Command Line step with the following command line:

Schtasks.exe /change /disable /tn "\Microsoft\Windows\AppxDeploymentClient\Pre-staged app cleanup"


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