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Per configurare degli export NFS in linux Ubuntu (o altri) bastano pochi passi:

1) Install The Server IP es.

 #apt-get install  nfs-kernel-server portmap

2) configuriamo la export (la cartella da esportare)

#vim /etc/export


Altri parametri che potrebbero fare comodo:

ro: specifies that the directory may only be mounted as read only
rw: grants both read and write permissions on the directory
no_root_squash: is an extremely dangerous option that allows remote “root” users the same privilege as the “root” user of the host machine
subtree_check: specifies that, in the case of a directory is exported instead of an entire filesystem, the host should verify the location of files and directories on the host filesystem
no_subtree_check: specifies that the host should not check the location of the files being accessed withing the host filesystem
sync: this just ensures that the host keeps any changes uploaded to the shared directory in sync
async: ignores synchronization checks in favor of increased speed
insecure: in version 3

#systemctl restart nfs-kernel-server


#/etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart

Per confiugrare il mount dal client

#apt-get install nfs-common

Mount Client

#mount -t nfs /home/nfs-storage

Per cercare o verificare che il server sia pronto su puo usare questo comando che fa la lista delle condivisioni NFS del server

#showmount -e

E' tutto.

Ciao Luca


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